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Those trails in the sky over socal. #Settingsun #sky
That stormy sky today brought magnificent clouds and some much needed rain to California #raindance #Californiadrought #drought #clouds #stormy #sky #california
Outta class, meaning no light room for awhile. Not till the computer is ready. :] gotta keep my mind refreshed. sorta like this view. for the last few finals ahead.
Every single time I’ve ever flown, it’s been seated directly next to the wing. Twilight zone.
arguably my favorite non human subject photo I took this semester. I <3 Trees
just one of those beautiful scenes we take for granted. hidden in the moment of life.
"Impossible is nothing"
If only I could fly.
While my mom drives around Kauai, I’m sticking out the window just shooting away like a drive by with my canon. pew pew pew
Kauai Wire
Kauai is a beautiful island. too bad the reflections of the glass got in the shot. 
Island Getaway
One of my favorite subjects.


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