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arguably my favorite non human subject photo I took this semester. I <3 Trees
Daddy day at the museum. very famous similar shot to this. anybody know who?
One of my favorite shots during the hawaii trip. bought a lot of stuff from that lady, who gave us discount since we’re both Filipino! lol
One of my submissions for class today, in the mixed light assignment. Still needs some post production. Need to update my photoshop skills :p
Even the those cheap portable buildings can be beautiful.
The heavens spilled their paint all over my neighborhood sky.
My favorite picture I’ve submitted in class.
Looking through old photos. This one brought back good memories.
Took this today. 
During my shoot today in class. Sun setting over Saddleback.
Halo and vignette effect naturally appearing as the sun dips under the clouds. mmm. delicious.
Three of My favorite subjects ;]
In Loving Memory..


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