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Gotta love em Trees! mmm Air!
Outta class, meaning no light room for awhile. Not till the computer is ready. :] gotta keep my mind refreshed. sorta like this view. for the last few finals ahead.
arguably my favorite non human subject photo I took this semester. I <3 Trees
a great spot to sit and listen to some Soja while appreciating life.
some day I will return.
I love the streets. So beautiful! a guy tried selling us weed while I was taking this picture. Lol
Going through some old photos and uploading. :]
Going for A Holga feel, with the Lightroom Adjustments. Took this in Kauai! Truly blue water with gorgeous glassy waves. 
Kauai is a beautiful island. too bad the reflections of the glass got in the shot. 
Island Getaway


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