"There is a kind of loss that words cannot compensate for. A single word won’t do it justice, and a line of words cannot wrap around the concept.

We envisage a worth, but fail to understand a life lost. the meaning conceived, when believed is within reach, but the damage is deep, and immeasurable.”

"I’ve lost a lot this year. My beloved dog, the familiar of my home and streets. Angels wept for weeks, in earth time and shed cloud and rain to overcast pain felt even by divine. Then less than a month later, a nostalgic face, is now left at that. My best friend, in childhood, and over time, is longer earthbound. I’ve found ink incarnates, since I can’t cry I, write like sleeping eights. We can’t just shoot the dove, we need to instead celebrate. A life lived, learned, laughed, and loved to death and here after I’ll never forget, not even at my last breath."

-I had to write something. It’s stuck on my mind. Hope my words breach wisdom. 
and pain heals best with time. Your family is in my prayers. Rest in Peace Alexander.  

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