a little bit of apple and a little bit of phone booth.. In that SF alley way again.
SF alley way we chilled at back on 4-13 the day Before E+P’s Wedding.
OOTD July 2nd 2013 while in Vancouver
Miss these old Television sets. 
Unemployed RX-24 ex-pilot of star tours is now left in the streets entertaining folk in line with nostalgia
Made this For My girlfriend since we loved this movie together. 
Tumblr is being weird so the link to the gif is here.
Another Jordan Gif I made. Happy B-day MJ!
Happy B-day MJ! Here is a throwback, check the jersey colorway on this! Super fresh. they don’t make em like this no more. Made this Gif. Tumblr needs to calm it’s restrictions down. I was planning to put some more Jordan Gifs I made which I remastered the colors like in this one. Mostly to show how many of his dunks IN GAME are better than the dunks we see in contests! This baby is only 35 frames at .05 delay. Anyways Enjoy the all star game today everyone!
Taken on February 2nd Downtown L.A. 24 hour subway. Tried their pizza.  
80’s babies know.
This is me! Edited into a persona 4 character, based off Dojima, although I don’t think Hiero would be my Arcana Tarot. anyways two versions, the softer, more vectored look with glasses and the typical teal shirt/red tie. and the Non glasses straight upsprite. Used Graphics gale, and surprisingly took me an hour to finish this. 
and here is the next one. I think this is my favorite of the set. :]
Said I’d be back. Here I am, with some shots of my Brother’s latest Guitar. Shot in his room, not the best situation for photography but I found some creative ways to make it work. Natural window lighting, and a green shade covering one of his windows gave me the ability to make some more interesting shots. :]

What Happened?

It’s been, times flown, clocks wound, earth has round since a post. Creativity exhausted from work. ┬áBut the pen never runs out. Our mind is not man made, but is us. I trust limits can break like final fantasy VII. Just need to stop pretendin’ I’m tired, and get back to the wire. Season 1, was fun, time for season 2. Ends haven’t found me yet, so reset, and no regrets. In one word. Again, again, Again. (that was one word but three times, so it still counts, no matter the amounts)


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