Those trails in the sky over socal. #Settingsun #sky
#Bbq #CarneAsada #foodporn #peppers my cousin Frank’s #barbeque always makes for a great party! Salute and good luck Vic! See you in November
That stormy sky today brought magnificent clouds and some much needed rain to California #raindance #Californiadrought #drought #clouds #stormy #sky #california
The best #gummybears I have ever had. Photo approved by #bwphotography #abb
The photobooth is ready! @photoboothsupplyco
Forget treadmills there is a whole world full of paths to run and explore #tread #path #exercise #SanClemente and most importantly explore those paths with the one or ones you love @kr1z1a
a little bit of apple and a little bit of phone booth.. In that SF alley way again.
SF alley way we chilled at back on 4-13 the day Before E+P’s Wedding.
OOTD July 2nd 2013 while in Vancouver
Miss these old Television sets. 
Unemployed RX-24 ex-pilot of star tours is now left in the streets entertaining folk in line with nostalgia
Made this For My girlfriend since we loved this movie together. 
Tumblr is being weird so the link to the gif is here.
Another Jordan Gif I made. Happy B-day MJ!
Happy B-day MJ! Here is a throwback, check the jersey colorway on this! Super fresh. they don’t make em like this no more. Made this Gif. Tumblr needs to calm it’s restrictions down. I was planning to put some more Jordan Gifs I made which I remastered the colors like in this one. Mostly to show how many of his dunks IN GAME are better than the dunks we see in contests! This baby is only 35 frames at .05 delay. Anyways Enjoy the all star game today everyone!


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